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    Wonderful WorldWide Educators Presents

    Your Childrens WorldWide Benefit Concerts for Everyone



    Wonderful WorldWide Eductors

    ALL Children are The FuturNow!

    What the Adults have created and are continuing to invent and place upon Your

    Planet Earth become ALL Children's FuturNow. How many are really Seeing and

    Doing Something Real with The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US?

    WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators are Very Real with No Hidden Agendas! Our

    RealFocus is Your Planet Earth and what is happening all around YOU! The 'WWWE CARE

    (Children And Real Education) Benefit Concerts' are to provide RealGuidance and a

    RealEducation for the unaware public that is not yet Seeing what they are contributing to

    The Natural Environment and what they are setting up for Their Children as Their FuturNow.

    Your Earth World is in Huge Jeopardy and WWWE

    have a Real Purpose like no one else to Do Our

    Part for ALL! StepUp and Join US and Become


    The Benefit Concerts are a preliminary setup for The ALLSolar Research Vessel Project and

    the NUUU~Nations Untied UNUversal UNUversity to Save Your Planet Earth!


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    Your Childrens WorldWide Benefit Concerts for Everyone

  • Your Children THEIR FUTURE

    Your ALLNatural Environment

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    Your Childrens WorldWide Benefit Concerts for Everyone


    WWWE as Wonderful WorldWide WorldWide Educators

    are Fortunate To Have Professional Leaders Who Are Self-Sufficient

    And Do Not Need Corporate Salaries. The NUPresentation Foundation Has A Very

    Low Overhead And Will Continue To Work Along These Lines As All Funding Goes

    Towards The Projects. We Always Welcome Community Sponsors And Support As

    We Create Your Childrens WorldWide Benefit Concerts for Everyone.

    Duane The NUFounder / California 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization
    WE Welcome Community And Corporate Sponsors
    Send Your Generosity For Your Children & ALLNatural Environment

    To The NUPresentation Foundation Office:
    ~~~ 80 Huntington St. Suite 649, Huntington Beach, California 92648 ~~~
    Make Check Or Money Order To: The NUPresentation Foundation


    Kelsey Brown 757-284-9689 / Dean Val 650-823-1460 / Keith Impink 209-785-2438 /





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    Your Childrens WorldWide Benefit Concerts for Everyone